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Create the life you want by letting go of limiting beliefs  to open up new possibilities, embrace your potential, and step into your greatness


Learn life changing practices that have been proven to support better quality of life and give you confidence in your leadership


Experience intuitive coaching to heal from the past, stay in the present moment, and embrace the future with positivity to claim your desires

Feeling Stuck? It's Time to Master the Breakthrough.

  • Learn how to get out of your comfort zone to create an extraordinary life
  • Overcome years of pain to achieve the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for
  • Conquer overwhelm to gain confidence in yourself, your skills, and your leadership
  • Let go of being misunderstood and discover how to show up authentically in a way that builds genuine connection
  • Ditch settling for mediocre and find your conviction to say YES to what you love in life
  • Break free from anxiety’s hold on your life to experience joy in the present moment
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I believe the world is a better place when heart led humans have the tools and resources they need to have a massive impact in this world.


I've supported 100s of people just like you to have their next breakthrough and lead with confidence.


There was a time in my life where I wasn’t confident that what I had to offer was of value. I was keeping myself small, even though I had a desire to help as many people as I can to fulfill their dreams.


So I decided to fulfill mine.


Now I have:

  • Co-authored over 13 best selling books
  • Have 1000's of downloads on the Conscious Conversations with Louisa podcast
  • Empowered 100's of clients in my signature 8-week program on emotional intelligence and mindfulness

This is just the beginning of my story, what will yours be?

Ignite Your Fire. Never Settle.

It's Time to Live a Life of Fulfilling Your Highest Potential.


Through my signature program Clarity Catalyst and my intimate one on one coaching experiences, I will:

  • Empower you to never settle for anything less than your best
  • Teach you to excel in the relentless pursuit of excellence
  • Lift you up and push you towards your highest potential
  • Ignite the fire within you

I am here to remind you of your capabilities and motivate you to reach for the stars. My communication comes straight from the heart, creating a sense of being seen, heard, and understood. 

You will have a safe and nurturing environment for personal growth. Let my zest for life inspire you to become the best version of yourself. If you are seeking someone to uplift and motivate you with contagious positive energy, I am here to help you embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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Confidence and a Purposeful Life

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You get access to the “I’ll Take Action When…” challenge designed to help you get clarity and take bold action toward your desired reality. Join this community of like minded visionary leaders all supporting each other to thrive.

Join the Free Private Community

Grab My Soul Compass Guide

Inside this guide, I walk you through how to navigate your own path using the compass, to find the areas of your life that are not serving you so that you can choose a new direction, believe it is possible to create, and take action on making it reality.

Grab the Soul Compass Guide

Become a Part of Clarity Catalyst

This signature program is an 8 week live program for ambitious, entrepreneurial spirits to break free of limiting beliefs and embody their most intoxicating, magnetic, and inspirational self to create the legacy of their dreams

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I promise to ignite your potential beyond your wildest dreams!

Together, we will discover your superpowers and turn them into a radical action plan for your legacy.

01. Clarity

You have a unique set of gifts. I have the gift of spotting them. We’ll bust through any feelings of confusion or stuck-ness to get crystal clear on your goals.


02. Confidence

Using proven effective mindset practices and hypnotherapy, you’ll be freed from limitations to step into a new level of bold, authentic self expression.


03. Custom Care

Your support, action plan, and coaching will be as unique as you are. I use every tool in my belt to craft a personal plan that fits your needs.


04. Claim It

You’ll be 100% supported to fully shine as a leader. I'll help you not only identify your million dollar idea, but support you to get the tools and resources to bring it to life.


Create Unshakable Confidence, even in life’s unexpected storms

Think back on a moment when the unexpected happened.

Maybe you got that dreaded call. Or someone confessed something to you. Or there was an accident that changed everything. Maybe a diagnosis, a breakup…

This was not in the plan, but now it’s happening, no matter how hard you worked to avoid it.

It’s natural to feel complex big emotions when things don’t work out the way we thought they would.

And the truth is, no matter how successful we are…

No matter how big our house is

No matter how many years we’ve been married

No matter how many self help podcasts we’ve listened to

No matter how much money is in our bank account

Life will hand us the unexpected.

Since it’s unavoidable, the question isn’t “How can I avoid it?” but instead “Who do I get to be as I handle this?”

During our work together, you’ll not only answer this question with clarity, but you’ll get all the tools you need to become this version of you.


Full of hope.


At peace.

And empowered and excited to bring your daydreams to reality through inspired action. 

Joe went from over accommodating and people pleasing to living a full out fulfilling life doing what he loves:


“Louisa had the insight to pull me out of the trauma I had unknowingly been living in for a long time. She brought me to a state of total freedom and release of pain from the past that I hadn't been in for a very long time. I’ve been processing it since then and been feeling better and better about myself. I’ve been forever changed by my experience with her.” 

- Joe, Clarity Catalyst Alumni

"Where Do I Start?"

In the Signature Clarity Catalyst Live Group Coaching Program

In this life altering experience, you will receive: 

  • Eight weekly ~60-90 minute Group Coaching Calls hosted live on Zoom
  • Call replays in your membership dashboard
  • Access to workbooks, hypnotherapy sessions, and more
  • A private community of like minded purpose driven leaders
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Download the Free Soul Compass Guide

YOU are the deliberate creator of your life.

Inside this guide, I walk you through how to navigate your own path using the compass, to find the areas of your life that are not serving you so that you can choose a new direction, believe it is possible to create, and take action on making it reality.